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PTSD, depression, anxiety, trauma from sexual abuse, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, physical and mental challenges, addictions, grief and job or relationship issues. ART has been used to successfully treat them all.

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Healing from traumatic events with Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Traumatic Events

One of the most successful uses of ART is treating trauma created by single incidents. Symptoms may include nightmares, avoidance of situations that bring back memories of the trauma or heightened reactions.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy treats PTSD for veterans


Veterans, especially those who have been in combat, have experienced trauma. ART is meant to bring up traumatic experiences and change the way the information is stored, ultimately replacing them with positive images.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy to give relief to first responders from trauma

First Responders

First responders sometimes suffer from cumulative exposure to traumatic incidents they encounter. ART can assist in bringing closure to these incidents, or help remove and replace images that have become stuck over time.


Addiction can stem from self-medicating due to unresolved trauma. Although addictions require multiple sessions, ART can alleviate some of the triggers and improve opportunities for success.

Depression & Anxiety

People suffering from depression and anxiety can integrate a cognitive behavioral therapy approach with an emotional connection, by using ART. Ultimately decreasing symptoms.

Relationship Issues

Strong emotions get in the way of resolving relationship issues. ART can assist in processing negative experiences that trigger strong emotions to improve ability to address issues with a 'clearer' approach.

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