Robert Yniguez ART Therapist

Robert Yniguez

Masters Education
Certified ART Therapist

Bob has worked counseling troubled and at risk teens professionally since 1990. He has a history of counseling and facilitating groups for teens with drug, gang, sexual abuse, family, and refugee children with severe trauma issues. Bob started off his counseling career in a Buddhist setting, learning various aspects of learning to look within and doing one's work. He believes that teens who are acting out are trying to disconnect from their reality and all they need is a way to get reconnected again. Bob has been in the counseling field for over 40 years and he has an eclectic style that helps him work with difficult clients.

Bob has worked with many teens from various backgrounds and countries. He has done international leadership groups for the Red Cross and cultural diversity groups for Arizona High Schools. Bob is also a certified ropes course instructor, working with clients and other companies to overcome problems and promote team work.

Bob is married to his wife Jody for almost 39 years and has two children, Miranda and Mario, and 4 grandchildren. He lives to travel, watch his grandchildren play softball, and he is a minister who preaches God's Word.