Josh Steinmetz ART Therapist

Josh Steinmetz

Masters Social Work
Certified ART Therapist

Joe specializes in anxiety, depression, children, and adolescents.

Joe believes therapy is a collaborative relationship where two or more individuals work together to bring light to life's questions and unlock strengths we already hold inside... a judgement-free-environment to open up and explore new opportunities while healing and learning from life's challenges. Overcome negative self-beliefs while creating your desired reality... journeys that ultimately lead to a state of wellbeing and overall contentment. AKA Whole Person Happiness!

Joe comes from a unique background, being truly raised by a "village". From his more traditional grandparents, his alternative lifestyle mother and the aunts and uncles who added much vibrant diversity to his family (African, Latino, and Asian), he can genuinely say that he has lived many lives and cultures.