Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Quickly And Effectively
Overcome Trauma
Eliminate trauma, anxiety, grief, phobias, and more with
ART - a relatively new kind of therapy, shown to achieve
benefits much more rapidly than traditional therapies
(usually within 1-5 sessions).
"Instantly I felt like a cloud had lifted and I was back to myself again"

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) combines the best parts of traditional therapies to help you recover more quickly and effectively

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ART helps you connect your head to your heart

The Simple Reason
Traditional Therapies Fail

You may have tried other therapies in the past and been frustrated with slow or no progress. You're not alone.

Regular talk therapy can feel very surface level. It focuses on changing your thoughts but often fails to make the connection to your emotional and physiological responses.

This, and other typical treatments, require that you spend a great deal of time revisiting your traumatic memories, sometimes stuck there until your next session.

You're not letting go of your pain at that point. You're reliving it.

Significant or Full Recovery in As Little As 1-5 Sessions

Progress from therapy doesn't have to be slow. You may even be surprised by how quickly you find relief with ART.

The process is very straightforward, using rapid eye movements and a technique called Voluntary Image Replacement to change the way traumatic memories are stored in your brain.

The entire time, you're in control, guided by the therapist, and only sharing what you choose.

Within just an hour to an hour and a half session, you're able to go through an entire memory, the emotions connected to it, and find relief.

Others Before You Have Found Remarkable Relief With ART Including:

Drastic improvements with Sleep

“I had not been able to sleep through an entire night since I was 14. I would wake up several times a night and check every window in the house, every door multiple times. Last night, I slept through the entire night and only woke up once, realized it was still dark and fell back asleep.”

54 y.o. woman
A New Chance At Life

“It saved my life."

27 y.o. man
Rapid Recovery

“I made more progress in one hour than I had made in 3 years of therapy.”

37 y.o. woman
An Answer To Prayers

“I’ve been praying for a miracle. I think I found it.”

48 y.o. police officer

Experience the Benefits of
Accelerated Resolution Therapy

  • No diagnosis is needed
  • You're always in control of the session, with the therapist only guiding the process
  • You don't even have to talk about your traumatic experiences with the therapist
  • There's no homework or need to recall trauma between sessions
  • The entire treatment is very brief, only 1-5 one-hour sessions
  • ART saves money and time
  • Relief is immediate and lasting
ART evidence-based therapy

Scientifically Proven
Trauma Therapy

ART founder, Laney Rosenzweig, LMFT, is trained and experienced in multiple treatment methods. She long appreciated the therapeutic value of eye movements, but recognized the need to modify how they're used and integrate them with other techniques.

What resulted was Accelerated Resolution Therapy, designed to be directive, standardized and easy to apply to different conditions.

ART has proven effective in numerous scientific studies and is even used at the highest levels of the U.S. military to treat PTSD.

Discover the ART of Rapid Recovery for Yourself

“I made more progress in one hour than I had
made in 3 years of therapy”